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[GABU-005] Legends of Kalevala soundtrack Amiga FLAC recordings

All recordings of the .mod files within the album have been replaced with high-quality FLAC files recorded from a real Amiga by Archyx. Ogg Vorbis and MP3 files of same are also available.

[GABU-005] Legends of Kalevala soundtrack original modules

The original tracker module files from [GABU-005] Legends of Kalevala soundtrack are now available for download at:

[GABU-007] hukka – Human Interaction EP

Front cover

Moody and groovy techno experiments from hukka, composed between 2006 and 2010.

Download or listen from

[GABU-006] Experim3ntus – Autius EP

Experim3ntus is back with more dark soundscapes on his third EP on Gabumat.

Download or listen from

[GABU-005] Legend of Kalevala soundtrack

Legend of Kalevala soundtrack front cover

Soundtrack from the game “Legend of Kalevala” by Dit Dah Games, composed by hukka.

Download or listen from

[GABU-004] Experim3ntus – Korruptio EP

Our fourth release contains more ambient and chilled electronic soundscapes from Experim3ntus.

Download or listen from

[GABU-003] Experim3ntus – Experim3ntus EP

Our third release is a selection of ambient and chilled electronic tracks, made in Finland between 2009-2011.

Download or listen from

[GABU-002] hukka – Strand EP

Our second release takes a break from techno with its eight ambient/electronic tracks spanning different moods and intensities.

Download or listen from

[GABU-001] hukka – Information EP

Our first release on Gabumat is a collection of six minimal, thumping and slightly lo-fi techno tracks from yours truly, originally made during 2008-2009. Check out the embedded preview video for a little dj mix of all the tracks on the EP.

Download from Dropbox (contains V0 VBR MP3s and cover image in SVG and hires PNG formats) (better file hosting to be added)