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[GABU-005] Legends of Kalevala soundtrack Amiga FLAC recordings

All recordings of the .mod files within the album have been replaced with high-quality FLAC files recorded from a real Amiga by Archyx. Ogg Vorbis and MP3 files of same are also available.

[GABU-005] Legends of Kalevala soundtrack original modules

The original tracker module files from [GABU-005] Legends of Kalevala soundtrack are now available for download at:

[GABU-007] hukka – Human Interaction EP

Front cover

Moody and groovy techno experiments from hukka, composed between 2006 and 2010.

Download or listen from

[GABU-006] Experim3ntus – Autius EP

Experim3ntus is back with more dark soundscapes on his third EP on Gabumat.

Download or listen from

[GABU-005] Legend of Kalevala soundtrack

Legend of Kalevala soundtrack front cover

Soundtrack from the game “Legend of Kalevala” by Dit Dah Games, composed by hukka.

Download or listen from

[GABU-004] Experim3ntus – Korruptio EP

Our fourth release contains more ambient and chilled electronic soundscapes from Experim3ntus.

Download or listen from

[GABU-003] Experim3ntus – Experim3ntus EP

Our third release is a selection of ambient and chilled electronic tracks, made in Finland between 2009-2011.

Download or listen from